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Strengthen your organisations’s records management practices with a specialised health check. 

In the current era, where government transparency, accountability, and data security are paramount, the significance of robust records management for Australian government entities cannot be overstated. The intricate regulations and the high standard of public service delivery expected by the Australian public necessitate that records management practices not only adhere to legislative requirements but also promote efficiency, accessibility, and security. 
Our Records Management Health Check is designed to fulfil these requirements.

How can Inform help you?

Opting for our specialised health check will equip you with numerous advantages, including:
  • Comprehensive Assessment: An evaluation of your records management practices against the relevant acts for your jurisdiction, along with other pertinent Australian government standards and legislation. This assessment will offer:
    • A high-level overview of your records management performance and maturity.
    • A mechanism to identify and initiate enhancement opportunities in records management practices.
    • Evidence to inform strategic direction and prioritisation for records management decision-makers.
  • Risk Identification: Detection of information at risk due to insufficiently robust information protection practices, potentially leading to:
    • Unauthorised or unlawful access to records.
    • Non-compliant destruction or loss of records.
    • Inappropriate handling of personal or sensitive information.
  • Tailored Recommendations: A report providing relevant recommendations that align with your entities records management obligations. These recommendations offer actionable opportunities for implementing improvements and adopting best practices in records management.
  • Expert Guidance: Access to a team with extensive experience in working with Australian government entities, at levels of government, offering expert insights into the challenges and opportunities within the public sector. We are able to provide guidance throughout the implementation of our recommendations, ensuring a seamless transition and continuous support.
Initiating a Records Management Health Check for your agency represents a proactive step towards enhancing governance, operational efficiency, and public trust. Through this process, your agency can identify areas for improvement in records management practices while supporting enhanced organisational information management maturity.
Contact us to arrange your Records Management Health Check and establish the foundation for compliant, and efficient records management practices.

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