Information management systems have the power to transform businesses, streamline business processes and uncover efficiencies from a holistic standpoint.

Put simply, Information Management provides control over the structure, processing, delivery and use of data so you can be confident that your business information is being managed effectively. This enables you to always have the right information, in front of the right people, at the right time.

Our expert team provides a strategic blend of Information Management solutions focused on unlocking a higher level of business productivity, allowing businesses to streamline their operations. This could come in the form of software solutions, strategic advice, the implementation of new systems and processes, upskilling staff, or providing ongoing information management services.

Digital Strategy

A carefully considered digital strategy is crucial, as it needs to incorporate the ever-changing digital landscape. Yet, when done well, it can improve user experience and revolutionise the way you do business.

Our clients come to us seeking a digital strategy with purpose. Our digital solutions can range from small optimisations to full-blown holistic plans that seek to transform business operations and drastically improve performance.

We create comprehensive digital strategies that can involve either bringing new software on board or utilising existing resources and systems.

Working as a partner alongside you in your digital transformation journey, we take the time to understand your core objectives, and we’ll assess whether or not you currently have the right technologies to achieve those goals. From here, using the right combination of products and technologies, we can establish a strategy to ensure that you are on track to achieve your goals.

Gone are the days of filing streams of paperwork in a storage room. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in a nutshell is the strategies, methods and tools that help your business processes flow smoothly.

An enterprise content management solution can help businesses gain greater control over their content and business information. A system like this means automating processes, boosting productivity and encouraging the collaboration of teams throughout an organisation.

The idea behind an ECM platform is access.

A hard-working ECM platform will (ideally) give everyone in your business easy access to the information they need to make decisions, complete projects faster and work to the best of their ability.

If your workplace is lacking efficiency and productivity, you could benefit from ECM solutions that provide quick and easy access to documents, workflow automation and other critical business applications. An effective ECM solution will help you to archive information quickly (and therefore be able to access it just as fast), make your company more accessible by reducing paperwork, and organise data in such a way that you can access it at the click of a button.

We work with organisations to establish which ECM solutions will meet their objectives. Once we have created an ECM solution for them, we train their whole organisation on how to incorporate it into their roles.

Your data is your most valuable asset. Data is essential to the function of every business, and, like any other business asset, you need to be sure you are managing it the right way. In today’s increasingly remote workforce, data in the wrong hands can pose a security risk to your business. We aim to mitigate that risk as much as possible by paying close attention to governance.

Further, the increase in the volume of data we store requires careful management to control privacy and protection risks. The risks are again amplified if your documents and emails contain privileged, confidential or sensitive data.

Clients come to us looking for effective ways to improve their information governance.

Inform Strategic Consulting supports data governance for companies by:

  • Finding ways to reduce the overall volume of data stored;
  • Establishing new ways to use and store your data; and
  • Providing a better understanding of your data.

The result? Better data quality, increased security and a greater understanding from employees of what is expected of them.

It’s critical that organisations protect their valuable information throughout its entire lifecycle – from creation to disposal.

Our records management process includes:

  • Create or receive – the beginning of the process;
  • Use or modify – the active phase of a record;
  • Maintain or protect – applying the appropriate security, or governance, to your data to prevent unauthorised access or actions;
  • Dispose or destroy – some records can be destroyed whilst others need to be retained even if they are inactive for a period of time (in accordance with a range of policies and procedures that are mandated by either government policy or legal obligations); and
  • Archive or preserve – some records have to be kept permanently so they are moved to an archive. These records need to be indexed systematically to be able to be retrieved if and when required.

Using platforms such as Microsoft 365, we can improve consistency and accuracy by implementing solutions such as automating manual tasks, rerouting documents, or initiating the automatic disposal of records at the appropriate time.

The main goal of records management is to keep valuable information readily accessible. When using particular software applications this will make it easy to organise your information using functions like metadata.

In short, we can assist you to retain the information you need and help you discard what you don’t.

Information architecture is the key to improving access to information and, ultimately, increasing efficiency within organisations.

The information architecture within a business focuses on organising, structuring and labelling content effectively, much like governance provides a ‘set of rules’ to follow. Using our expertise in digital management solutions, we will look at the processes within a business and source a technological solution to improve efficiency.

In this way, the information architecture is less about the technology and more about the design – knowing where to put the information so you can find it again. The end goal is to help users find information and complete their tasks more efficiently.

Done well, the architecture should reduce the time it takes to source what you are looking for, and give users the confidence they have found the right information.

Protecting your information assets is essential, no matter the size of your business.

It is imperative that organisations effectively manage data security and ensure that only the relevant stakeholder has the correct level of access. This ensures that your data stays safe and secure from any unauthorised access or actions. This applies not only when data is being stored, but also when it’s being transmitted from one location to another.

The basic components of Information Security can be summed up as:

  • Confidentiality – where, as the name suggests, data is confidential and only those who are authorised to have access can do so;
  • Integrity – meaning data is maintained in its correct state and preventing it to be tampered with, either accidentally or maliciously; and
  • Availability – this ensures your data can be accessed by the relevant stakeholders with varying permissions at the right times.

Inform Strategic Consulting has over 25 years of experience in information security, allowing us to help businesses put measures in place that protect their valuable information.


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