In recent years, businesses all over the world have undergone rapid transformation by adapting their business structure and moving towards remote working models. Employees are moving away from the traditional office space, and face-to-face interactions are being replaced by digital interactions like video conferencing.

The modern workplace needs to meet specialised physical and technological requirements that suit both businesses and their employees.

As this shift occurred, few companies were prepared for the rapid reinvention of their digital workplaces, so many shifted to remote operations in the swiftest way possible. In making changes so rapidly, businesses have not necessarily had a chance to utilise the right technologies in the correct ways. Many companies don’t understand the technology available at their disposal, or how to use technology to its full capacity.

Inform Strategic Consulting help businesses maximise their technology investment, prioritising the employee experience in order to attain new levels of productivity, engagement and collaboration.

We strongly believe that supporting businesses with leading technologies, tools and processes enables their employees to work more efficiently while maintaining information security. Our technology solutions empower businesses, allowing them to centralise workplace services. This ensures that disparate systems can be harnessed and transformed into simplified solutions that work harder. We provide organisations with streamlined asset management processes, which, in turn, provide more efficient results from each team.

Flexibility that works for you.

If you have invested in technologies such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents) or SharePoint, adopting a modern workplace can give your employees the confidence to work securely and reliably from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. These technologies also give businesses the convenience to collaborate on projects no matter where they are in the world, creating a connected workforce from afar.

We also assist businesses to implement solutions that improve business performance, such as the use of process automation, to give employees more time to focus on innovation rather than repetitive daily administrative tasks. For instance, the use of AI chatbots is becoming popular for both clients and employees, especially when they can be used to help your organisation answer frequently asked questions (which frees up an employee’s time).

By improving efficiencies and minimising overlapping capabilities we can create a secure, integrated network framework so that organisations can maximise technological returns. By adapting their systems and technology solutions we can ensure we are continually catering to each company’s ever-changing needs.

Driving growth through agile digital solutions.

As a business evolves, technologies and processes age quickly, resulting in inefficient operations. If you think you have reached the end of your technology capabilities, or simply don’t know how to improve your existing technology, we can audit your current technologies, tools and systems.

We specialise in solutions which can transform efficiency by modernising existing tools and applications or suggesting a completely new approach.

Not all solutions are purely digital; ultimately, the best processes may encompass changes to both the physical and digital sides of businesses. Each company needs to consider how to approach the modern workplace that best represents both their current landscape and their future needs.

These modern solutions create space for organisations to grow at a rapid pace instead of being held back by inefficient operating systems and technologies.

Contact us to discover some of the modern workplace technology solutions we have successfully implemented.

To transform your organisation into a workplace of the future, contact us today.
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