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Inform Strategic Consulting focuses on holistic information management solutions that can make a real impact within your organisation. Our strategy embraces collaboration and utilises insights, tools and support relevant to your unique objectives.

Our relationship with our clients represents a partnership. When you partner with us, you’ll join a team of information management experts who understand that your information is your most valuable asset.

We provide the insights, strategy and expertise required to ensure you have the right information in front of the right people at the right time.

So, How
Can We Help?

We thought you’d never ask! We work with a wide range of businesses, providing tailored solutions to suit a variety of business goals, organisational structures, and technology requirements.

Our services include:

Our solutions are designed to help our clients protect their information, reduce costs, save space and increase efficiency. We are big on forming ongoing partnerships with our clients to ensure their continued success and our aim will always be to meet your needs to enable you to do the best work that you can do.

The support we provide can be tailored based on your needs, offering services for managing your Microsoft 365 platform to records management as a service. The team at Inform Strategic Consulting are highly experienced in our understanding of the technologies (Microsoft 365, RecordPoint, AvePoint, Nintex) we leverage daily, and how to ensure they are working for you.

Being highly experienced in our use of the Microsoft365 platform (including SharePoint, MS Teams, PowerPlatform, Security and Compliance), the level of support can be tailored to meet your needs. We also offer support for Records365 and AvePoint and are able to configure your information so it best suits your business and your staff.

Often, you might have all the pieces of the puzzle but need a little help putting it all together and when correctly managed, the information you hold can be your biggest ally.

Don’t let your technology be an afterthought

If you are considering an evaluation or upgrade of your technology, talk to us. We can help you navigate the complex cyber world and provide recommendations for improvements that are tailored to your specific business needs in respect to Microsoft 365, RecordPoint, AvePoint, Nintex and Azure.

Engaging with our team you can expect simple and straightforward solutions that will increase your business performance. Plus, we find that the earlier we can engage with your organisation and your challenges, our recommendations can coincide with your specific needs. Our fresh and innovative approach means we are always committed to the goals of each client’s unique business; and in return our clients appreciate that we listen, focus on the details, take ownership of what we are proposing, and deliver exceptional results.

Wcui Responsibility
Our Responsibility

Our team shares our vision to provide the quality and professional solutions you demand. Our own success is inspired by our clients and derives from the challenges they face in their own industries. Given the intense focus we give to every relationship we build, our clients have confidence in our services and it is our responsibility to deliver the same confidence in the suggestions we propose.

Wcui Tech Leap
​​Times are changing and now is the time to make the technology leap!

As busy information management consultants, Inform Strategic Consulting are all about creating smart solutions. We help clients solve information management problems, modernise business processes and deliver IT support services to meet even the most complex challenges.

When someone with the experience and expertise like us comes along, and presents you with a strategy that aligns directly with your business objectives, you will be amazed at how things change for the better! With our guidance you’ll be on your way to more effective and efficient business operations that will see you succeeding well into the future.

Working in partnership with you, our ultimate objective is to see your business thrive by becoming your trusted advisor in all things Microsoft 365. Our team is composed of experts with decades of accumulated experience in IT, business and management; allowing us to truly understand the challenges faced by our clients.

Wcui Aim To Go Beyond
Aim above to go beyond

Our people have a wealth of experience and expertise working on projects for many clients in many industries and can identify the most cost effective solutions that will see you exceed not only our short-term goals, but reduce your long-term expenses. The investment you may have already made, or are about to make, is pivotal to your ongoing success so trust someone who knows what to do.

Realising the importance of your technology investment is important. We often get clients who have bought technology because someone told them to, or another department within their organisation uses it, but don’t know how it will actually perform for their purposes. We can work with you to embrace your technologies, make suggestions to potentially unlock additional tools better suited to your business model, and take you through the entire process of strategy, discovery, design and implementation through to adoption from your employees.

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